Ok so here I'm fixing some broken links and such on this site and realized it's been nearly 9 years since i started this site dedicated to Ultraman toys ! Phew, it's been a very interesting ride to say the least .. I've gone from collector / fan to producer of vinyl toys.. along the way even working with Tsuburaya Productions on a Kittyfire figure and Booska figure..not to mention Toei company on a licensed Kikaida figure. I was also able to tour the sound stages of Tsuburaya Productions, where the original Ultraman series was filmed ..and just before they tore it down ( sorry to say ) I stood right on the same sound stage where in 1966 Ultraman series was filmed.. amazing memories for me and really a full circle.. from watching Ultraman on TV in San Francisco in 1974.. I do believe in Karma, and especially Toy Karma and Destiny .. so all these experiences in some strange way, I've lived this already ;-) The adventure continues for me, you can follow what I've been up to on my toy site or my blog, Toy Karma.

I'll try my best to get off my behind and update the new toys section ( well maybe ! ) soonish .. to be honest I've not kept up collecting the newer Ultra's of late .. for me the vintage toys are what speak to me as far as collecting go, I do buy a few of the newer figures, but I don't bother yo get every single version like i use to...again a natural process of the life of a collector, I think .. I now know what appeals to me most and what gets me most excited about collecting Ultraman toys.. and old stuff is it (!)

Ok enough rambling, the site still is clunky and a proper redo is most likely never gonna happen, but it still stands as a record of what is out there for the Ultraman collector...Enjoy !




It's been awhile since I've been able to post a new comment here. I have some down time as i start up a new toy company, Max Toy Company , which will offer cool exclusive toys from Japan, plus Artist toys from fellow friends. But it will also allow me to have my own toy designs to made into actual toys...which will be very cool. Keep checking back to that site for more up to date info.

My ultraman collection has been featured in several TV shows ( StirTV, ImaginasianTV ) as well as websites and a few magazines. I'm planning a future book on my collection and artwork, too. As far as the Ultraman collection is concerned, I've just about obtained all the Ultraman figures I've been looking for. Presently there's about 6 figures that i still need, however, unless i win the lottery, it's doubtful I will find them for cheap ! But I keep my fingers crossed and hope the Toy Karma kicks in !

One of these days I'll also get to redesigning this entire hasn't changed since I first put it up back in 2001 ! Some areas like the newer toys I really haven't done much work on...but this also reflects my lack of interest in the newer series. I like some of the designs, like Ultraman Noa and Dark Zagi..and the newest one, Ultraman Max ... but I don't feel compeled to collect evey single version of these guys... as i do with the original Ultras. I guess since I'm an old school collector.

In any case thanks for looking at the site !




For those of you looking for up to date information on all thing Ultraman, I highly recommend you check out the UltramanLah web site and forum... seems like the place for Ultra fans to gather on the web. Best of all for those of us who do not read japanese , for the most part all posts are in english ;-)

working on some cool toys for Max Toy Co... we'll be revealing them very soon, so keep checking back at : Max Toy Company Here's a hint, a half robot , who sometimes carries a guitar !











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