I thought I'd give a little background about Ultraman and Ultraseven. For more detailed information about these shows see my links page.

Ultraman was created by the legendary Eiji Tsuburaya in the 60's.The original Ultraman first aired in Japan on July, 1966. It ran for 39 episodes and ended in April, 1967. Some of the first toys and figures to made of Ultraman, were by a company called MARUSAN . Toys made by this company are most often identified by the cirlce "SAN" logo, which is found on the feet or backs of the toys. A English dubbed version of this show first aired in the USA and Argentina in 1968 ... and off and on thru the late 1970's.

The second series to air in Japan, was Ultraseven. It ran for 49 episodes from October, 1967 , until September 1968. Again, Marusan made numerous Ultraseven figures, as well as kaiju's. Ultraseven never was shown in the USA, but did air briefly in Hawaii during the 1970's.

Below and on the following page, are examples by Marusan, and other toy companies from this early period in Ultraman toys. Of note, these early toys often don't look very realistic, and can be rather rough in appearance. However, I feel this era has some of the most interesting sculptures and designs. Ultraman was originally inspired by various Buddha statues in Japan, and one can almost sense a sereneness in these early figures.


The first Ultraman figure made by Marusan toys, 1966. Note the lines on the ears. Standard size, 9 inches tall.


The backside has the circle "san" logo, japan, and the tsuburaya copyright logo.


Third photo shows the second edition Marusan Ultraman, with different head. Standard size, 9 inches tall.


These 2 photos show the original head sculpt for the first edition Marusan Ultraman, and than the second edition Marusan Ultraman head. Amazingly, even back in the 60's there were variations to be collected.


On the left side is the Marusan big size Ultraman. 11-1/2 inches tall , 1967. With second edition Marusan Ultraman.

Incredibly rare Red Ultraman by Bullmark. Standard size ( 9 inches tall ) This version was marketed towards girls in 1966. The thinking was that the red vinyl would make the figure more attractive to girls.. it did not work and today there are only 4 confirmed owners of this toy.. truely a rare toy !



1966, Takutoku Toys (logo is TT) , Ultraman sprinkling toy. A child would put water into the figure from the top,. When the figure was tipped forward water would sprinkle from the finger tips ! 12-1/2 inches long. Gold Tsuburaya sticker copyright under arm. They also made a Ultraseven figure in the same pose.



above and below: 20 inches tall , Marusan 1966 Talking Ultraman ( non talking version ). Released in a talking and non talking version, this figure is considered a "Holy Grail " in Ultraman collecting circles. Features hard plastic body, ultraman suit made of silk like material, semi posable arms, and thin soft vinyl boots .


and yet another "Holy Grail", the Marusan Battery Opearated Hyata talking doll ( also available in non-talking version). This doll is similar to the doll above in construction. Complete with very rare box.

and picture of chest area where the talk box is located. Marusan 1967


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